Ready? Get S.E.T.!

Who are you? What do you want?
You have the Goal. Insight Wellness has the method and the plan!

Are you a cyclist?  A runner? A weekend warrior or member of a Crossfit Tribe? How do you maintain your current level? Do you stretch?  Do you try other therapies?  You know what it takes to keep yourself well. Do you want new and effective ways to improve and push forward.  S.E.T. helps you Perform. 

You want better health.  Maybe you’re tired of taking a certain medication.  Maybe you want a different approach.  Maybe you believe your disease or health condition doesn’t define you.  Do you feel like a victim to your mood, your sleep or your energy level?  S.E.T. helps you Achieve.

You’ve had surgery. You have pain and have been told that it will “only get worse.”  You’ve stopped doing things you enjoy.  S.E.T. helps you  Recover.

What is S.E.T.?

S.E.T. stands for Somatic Education Technique

  S.E.T. utilizes Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, S.E.T. clinical bodywork & movement therapies alongside modern data analysis and quality improvement methods.

At its core is the belief that enhancing performance, achieving wellness or regaining health are “learned” states.  Right signal. Right receiver. Right result.

To educate means to “draw out.”  Education is not bought.  Education is not given or granted.  True and ongoing education is about consistent, growth, advancement and  improvement; Call and response.  S.E.T. is using what works best for a given learner.

This is why we are Insight Wellness.  This is why, together, we create “Your Insight to Health and Wellness.”  


Ready? Get S.E.T!



I came to Tom suffering from debilitating depression and anxiety, seeing anything at all that might help. I have been seeing him for about three months now and ...

Unexplained Illness & Chronic Pain

My wife and I came to Tom with various ailments. We had been to many doctors with little results. Additionally, my wife was very apprehensive about acupuncture. Tom calmly answered my wife's concerns and we started off with four successive treatments. He meticulously established a baseline measurement for our conditions and . . .

Knee Pain

I've been experiencing discomfort in my right knee for a few months now, and it initially grew to be very uncomfortable and limited some of my mobility. Within a few sessions

The Doctors were stumped . . .

The Doctors were stumped Before going to Tom, I was unable to drive and I could only work a few hours a day due to severe headaches, lightheadedness (caused from an LP), and myoclonic spasms ...

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