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Tom Cohen Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Educator, Martial Artist

I wanted work that made a difference. So, for 10 years I worked with the following populations: Developmentally disabled adults, Homeless adults, those with Substance abuse and Mental health diagnoses.  It was good work.  It was also taking its toll on my own health and happiness.  The work was typically long hours at a low wage with high stress.  So, by my early 30’s I decided to forge a new path.

I started training Martial arts in my late 20’s.  I was avid, consistent, and at times obsessed.  I didn’t train to fight.  I trained to defend.  But along the way, I was fascinated by the body mechanics, the posture, the balance, and all of the ways to exploit the aggression and tension of an attacker.

Fast forward to Berkeley California where I spent a month training in Acupressure, in part spurred on by my interest in the correlations between martial and healing arts.  This month-long journey to the opposite coast was the catalyst for my upcoming Acupuncture training.  I had planned to make money by practicing Acupressure while in the initial four years of training to become an Acupuncturist.  When I returned to North Carolina, I discovered that I would be required to have a License as a Massage therapist to do so.  So, onward to a full time program in Massage and Neuro-muscular therapy.  From the beginning, I fell in love with the clinical work. 

Along the way, I became an educator.  I have taught in several massage programs, as well as both of the North Carolina Acupuncture schools.  I am a multiple black belt, and teach two primary Martial arts, as well. 

All of these life experiences have culminated in my S.E.T. program.  I am in the final phases of my first book on the subject, regarding the correlations between martial arts principles and clinical bodywork and healing modalities. 

My practice is small, patient focused, and utilizes a unique blend of Chinese Medicine, my own S.E.T. methodologies, alongside modern data analysis and Q.I (Quality improvement) methods to draw out “Your Insight to Health and Wellness.”

Crystal Bermudez – Acupuncture Assistant

I have a passion for helping peoples and assisting them in living their best lives possible. My philosophy is “When you don’t see the light, be the light, share the light” – M. Vader
I am a USAF Veteran, I spent 10 years in active duty and 2 years as a reservist. I have been all over the world and fell in love with Charlotte. Along with being Mr. Cohen’s office assistant I am a student at UNCC. I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in Organizational Communication.  
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