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Works Every Time

This is my third visit with Tom. Each time I visit, the acupuncture remedies have a positive effect. Tom is very knowledgable of the body mechanics, seeks to understand the full set of symptoms, and provides ideas on maintaining your improved healthy condition. I highly recommend the acupuncture treatment when your physical condition needs adjustment.


Shingles pain . . .

Tom has been a great acupuncturist. I saw him to help me with nerve damage pain due to the shingles. His treatment has been a success. I am able to be active again and my level of pain went intolerable to almost inexistent (down from a 10 to 1). I would recommend him any time.


Remarkable improvement . . .

Tom Cohen is an excellent acupuncturist.  He also has an outstanding knowledge of herbs and supplements.  Most importantly, he listens very well and encourages the patients to be actively involved in their care.

My wife and I came to Tom with various ailments.  We had been to many doctors with little results.  Additionally, my wife was very apprehensive about acupuncture.  Tom calmly answered my wife’s concerns and we started off with four successive treatments.  He meticulously established a baseline measurement for our conditions and carefully tracked it over the course of the treatments.  He was very candid that acupuncture may or may not work for us individually.  That’s why we need to track the results.  We noticed a remarkable improvement by at least 50%.

Since we lived in Atlanta, Tom recommended to continue our treatments there.  Also, he researched suitable herbal supplements that might help our condition as well.  We started using them and have noticed tremendous improvement.

I would highly recommend Tom.  You’ll be surprised at how your life gets better.


Pain from multiple diagnoses . . .

Always awesome
Nothing works better for my chronic pain from multiple diagnoses than acupuncture. No acupuncturist has been more effective in relieving my chronic pain than Tom Cohen.


Martial arts knee pain . . .

I’ve been experiencing discomfort in my right knee for a few months now, and it initially grew to be very uncomfortable and limited some of my mobility. Within a few sessions with Tom, I started seeing drastic improvements and the discomfort hasn’t come back since. I highly recommend his expertise, as it was my first time receiving regular acupuncture and he was very patient and reviewed my progress thoroughly. I won’t hesitate to reach out to him again!


Getting better all the time . . .

Had done acupuncture a couple of years ago when my back was acting up. When it started again I went back to acupuncture and it is getting better again. My inital attitude was “what have I got to lose”. My mantra now is “what have I got to gain”!


Edema gone . . .

I have been treated for severe edema of my lower legs that started suddenly and for no reason western medicine can discern. Prescribed diuretics were only moderately effective. Tom Cohen has been keeping my back pain/sciatica tolerable for several months. I mentioned the edema and he added that treatment to my usual points. The results were very significant; I lost 6 lbs of fluid in 2 days compared to 1-2 lbs with the diuretics


Depression and anxiety . . .

I came to Tom suffering from debilitating depression and anxiety, seeing anything at all that might help. I have been seeing him for about three months now and have gone from a shut in to having gainful employment, measurable productivity and a better sense of wellbeing. It has turned out to be an integral part of my ongoing treatment.


Believer in Acupuncture

I have been going to Tom for sometime and he had made me a believer in acupuncture. He is thorough in his assessment with his clients. My lower back issues are in control now that I’ve received treatments. The extra massage treatments work wonders. I will continue my visits with Tom.


A client for life . . .

Tom can consider me a client for life. I have been seeing Tom for therapeutic massage for about 10 years. Last month I tried acupuncture for a specific issue I have had for a long time. I had no idea that acupuncture could help me. No medical doctor had ever mentioned trying acupuncture. I am so glad that I did try it. I am seeing results after only a few treatments. Plus I am experiencing more energy and better sleep which I did not expect.


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