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Most of our services are included, based on two things:  What is best for your treatment and what interests you.  Some services are more time or labor intensive.  Since those services come with an additional charge, the rewards (AcuBuck$) programs gives you opportunities to sample new services, or enjoy your current services, at a discount.

You have had your first four treatments.  You and your Acupuncturist have collected enough information to determine you’re ready for the next step.   This is when the program begins.

As a bonus, patients that schedule their exam and initial 4 visits at the time of orientation – you’ll receive full credit for those services.  By the time you’re eligible for the AcuBuck$ program – you’ll have a nice bit of credit on your account

Either when scheduling, or upon checking out, simply mention it.  We’ll look up your account to determine the rewards amount.  You can apply up to $25 for any regularly priced service.

You get $5 for every $100 spent.  Specials apply.  Discount on your initial visit applies.  The only limitation is that you cannot spend more than $25 AcuBuck$ in a single visit. 

Simply put, yes.  Please do.  We can’t think of a better gift to a friend or loved one.


No.  We’ll be happy to give you a statement of account for your records

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