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Yes.  Your safety comes first.  Acupuncture uses single use, sterile, disposable filiform needles (solid- see below for details).  These a class 2 medical device, usable only by a Licensed or certified Acupuncturist. 

No.  These “needles” are solid, and tinier than most insulin syringes. Unlike syringes, hypodermics and IV needles, there is no “tube” for delivery of medication or drawing of blood.  So, not only are you safe from the risk of infection caused by a “needle-stick.”  But you are also free from the pain associated with those traditional needles. 

Your acupuncturist does an evaluation. In the 45-minute evaluation, we’ll talk.  You will be asked questions, and you’ll be educated and empowered to establish your health goal(s).  If your acupuncturist doesn’t feel that he can help your condition or stated goal, it ends with a handshake and referrals or recommendations.  But if you both feel this could help, you and your acupuncturist will work together to establish clearly defined short term goals to get you started.  Your process would begin with a short examination, orientation, and first treatment.

No.  But you may want to!  That’s entirely up to you.  Once you and your acupuncturist establish the short term goal, we plan together based on your needs.  The ultimate goal for every patient is to find your L.M.I.  This stands for “Least Maintenance Interval.”   Through a systematic process, we work together to keep you as well and as symptom-free as you want to be.  The goal is to get you into a maintenance mode where you can maintain that level for as long as possible without an office visit.  The trick is to keep track, and not let things backslide.  After all, you wouldn’t go 6 months without changing your oil, would you?

For most policies, no.  However, most Flex Spending Accounts and HSA’s will reimburse you.  If you need documentation or pre-approval, we’re happy to help you.

The initial evaluation takes up to 45 minutes.  If you and your acupuncturist proceed, the examination will take around 30 minutes.  Treatments can be between 20-60 minutes.

Your Acupuncturist attended a 4 year accredited school for Classical Chinese Medicine.  This includes 600 hours in clinical rotation.  As required by the state licensing board, Tom has successfully completed all 4 Nationally Board Examinations and clean needle technique course.  Your Acupuncturist has taught in multiple massage and Acupuncture schools, as well as served the state association as Education Officer.  Tom also has 2 year post graduate completion of Chinese Herbology coursework.

Your Acupuncturist has over 13 years in Active Practice.  Tom currently works part time with Supportive Oncology through a local Hospital system.

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