Are you Feeling Sub – P.A.R.?

P.A.R. is just not acceptable!

You have the Goal. We have the skills and the plan!

  • S.E.T is your personal trainer!


Are you at YOUR best?   Are you an Amateur or Professional athlete?  Do you have a sport or activity that is your passion or your hobby?  S.E.T. is your coach, your trainer, your sports mindset and therapy.  This is part of how you bring your “A” game!

  • S.E.T. is your FUNCTIONAL Medicine


Are you seeking better Health?  Do you want a more natural method for maintaining a health condition or symptom?  Better yet, would you like to rev up your body’s functions so that you get well, stay well and avoid illness?  This is for you!

  • S.E.T. is your Pain management and Rehab


Are you in Pain?  Pain can be physical, mental, emotional or a combination.  Does being in pain stress you out or tick you off?  Just treating the physical isn’t enough!  Are you recovering from an Injury, Trauma or Surgery? Restore is for you.

My New E-Book

Is Now

Do you have neck and shoulder tension?  Work at a desk?  Sit a lot, drive a lot, or glued to a phone or computer?  S.E.T. has a system and a plan to re-teach your body.  You learned this pain, this tension, through long hours over many days.  Here’s a starter system for teaching you what you felt like before all of this!

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